VIDEO: “Theirs is the Glory”: the first movie about the Battle of Arnhem

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On the bottom of this page you can watch the movie ‘Theirs is the Glory’. ‘Theirs is the Glory’ is the first movie about the Battle of Arnhem. The movie premiered in London exactly two years after the start of operation Market Garden, on September 17, 1946.

Theirs is the Glory is a special movie. In the movie, the roles of the British soldiers are played by the soldiers who actually fought two years earlier during the Battle of Arnhem. The movie is largely shot in Arnhem and Oosterbeek.

The movie was largely improvised and took advantage of the ruins resulting from the fighting in September 1944. British airborne veterans even managed to get a German tank, damaged during the Battle of Arnhem, back to work.

Although the movie does not stand out for its acting, the reviews from the press and audience were full of praise. “This is a war documentary that puts an end to all war movies,” Variety magazine wrote.

It appealed to many people that the soldiers who had fought during the Battle of Arnhem were also central to the picture. The movie would remain the highest-earning picture about World War II well into the 1950s.

Even 75 years later ‘Theirs is the Glory’ is still worth a look. If you want to know more about the background of the film, you can visit this page: