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Waal bridge

The Waal Bridge in Nijmegen is still firmly in German hands on September 18

in Nijmegen/September 18
Dead American paratroopers on Keizer Karelplein in Nijmegen. (Photo: Gelders Archives.)

The British at Arnhem were not the only airborne troops who encountered problems after the landings. The American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division who had landed near Groesbeek also did not reach the objectives they were supposed to achieve on September 17 . Capturing the Waal Bridge was not at the top of the…

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The Americans manage to capture the Waal Bridge on Wednesday evening, September 20

in Nijmegen/September 20
Nijmegen and Grave 17 - 20 September 1944: The bridge at Nijmegen after it had been captured by the 82nd (US) Airborne Division. A dead German SS officer lies where he fell during the attack. EA 38567 Part of AMERICAN (US) EMBASSY SECOND WORLD WAR PHOTOGRAPH LIBRARY: CLASSIFIED PRINT COLLECTION

In 26 canvas boats, 260 soldiers of the 504th Parachute Regiment crossed the Waal on Wednesday afternoon, September 20. Despite a smoke screen and covering fire from tanks and machine guns, there were many casualties. A total of 48 people were killed and many dozens were injured during the crossing. Major Julian Cook had fewer…

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