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The precursor to Market Garden: Operation Comet

in Preparations
Staff map of Arnhem and surroundings in 1944.

“Thank God Operation Comet was called off. It would have been a disaster.” British General Shan Hackett’s assessment of Operation Comet is clear. Hackett and Polish General Stanislav Sosabowski strongly opposed the plan underlying Operation Market Garden. ‘Operation Comet’ is the name of a plan that British General Bernard Montgomery came up with on September…

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The airborne landing of the Polish Brigade near Driel

in Oosterbeek/Polish Brigade/September 21
Polish General Stanislav Sosabowski at the departure of the Polish paratroopers from the airport in England.

They had had to wait for days until the weather in England was good enough to take off and on Thursday, September 21, the time had finally come: the 1st Polish Airborne Brigade would land near Arnhem. Two days later than planned. On Tuesday, September 19, the jeeps and anti-tank guns had landed as planned.…

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Driel ferry in German hands: not an easy crossing for the Polish Brigade

in Oosterbeek/Polish Brigade/September 21
The Driel ferry, a few years before the outbreak of war. At the bottom of the photo Driel. At the top of the photo the Westerbouwing in Oosterbeek.

On Thursday morning at 4:30 am, General Urquhart had confirmed to headquarters that the Westerbouwing was in British hands and that the Driel ferry, with a mooring at the Westerbouwing, could be used later that day by the Poles to enter the British lines from Driel. to strengthen Oosterbeek. Things, like almost everything during Operation…

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The Allies decide to make a half-hearted crossing at the Westerbouwing, to the anger of general Sosabowski

in Oosterbeek/September 24
Polish general Stanislav Sosabowski arrives in Valburg.

After a few hours of sleep, Polish General Sosabowski was woken up on Sunday morning, September 24. Sosabowski had led the crossing of more than 150 Polish paratroopers to the British perimeter at Oosterbeek all night and had gone to bed around dawn. But at 10 o’clock in the morning he was woken up because…

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Report of the Valburg Conference

in September 24
General Sosabowski in Valburg on Sunday, September 24.

On Sunday, December 24, a meeting took place in Valburg between several British generals and the Polish general Stanislav Sosabowski. During the conference, Sosabowski was told that the British wanted to carry out a crossing with two battalions that night near the Westerbouwing. After the Battle of Arnhem, the Poles in general and General Sosabowski…

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General Stanislaw Sosabowski: a troublemaker who was right about Market Garden

in Main characters
General Stanislaw Sosabowski.

Difficult, stubborn, unmanageable, passionate. Polish General Stanislaw Sosabowski was it all. But he is not responsible for the defeat at Arnhem, as the British have claimed for decades. In fact, many of the insights General Sosabowski presented before and during Operation Market Garden turned out to be correct. Sosabowski and the Polish Parachute Brigade have…

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The statement “a bridge too far” was made before the Battle of Arnhem

in General information/What you didn't know about the Battle of Arnhem
Three German soldiers proudly pose with a captured Jeep and two British prisoners of war at Musis Sacrum, in the center of Arnhem. (Photo: Bundesarchiv.)

Whoever says “Battle of Arnhem” says “a bridge too far”. The phrase is the title of the book that Cornelis Ryan wrote in 1974 about Operation Market Garden, and it is also the title of the film made by Richard Attenborough in 1977 in response to the book. Browning Many people think that the expression…

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