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Rhine bridge

VIDEO: This is what the area around the Rhine Bridge looked like in 1944

in Arnhem/Before the battle/Photos

The bridge at Arnhem was the main objective of Operation Market Garden. The immediate vicinity of the Rhine Bridge was destroyed during and after the Battle of Arnhem. Except for some old photos, nothing is left of the original buildings. For the first time you can now see where the British fought during the Battle…

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PHOTOS: An English patrol in the city center of Arnhem

in Arnhem/Photos/September 18

An English patrol in the city center of Arnhem. That was still possible in the morning of Monday, September 18. The Germans were aware that the British held the north side of the Rhine Bridge, but organized German troops at the bridge were not yet established. For that reason, Captain Killick had been sent out…

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PHOTOS: the battle at the bridge through German eyes

in Arnhem/Photos
German corporal Karl-Heinz Kracht eats his ration in front of his tank. The tank was parked at Jos Pé printing house.

German corporal Karl-Heinz Kracht was a bomb loader in a Mark III tank that was deployed against John Frost’s paratroopers at the Rhine Bridge. Few pictures have been taken of the battle around the bridge. Besides British aerial photos, we actually only have the photos that Karl-Heinz Kracht took as a hobby photographer during the…

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PHOTOS: This is what the Rhine Bridge area looked like after the fighting

in After the battle/Arnhem

For more than 80 hours, approximately 750 British paratroopers, led by Colonel John Frost, had defended their positions on the north side of the Rhine Bridge. Forced by a shortage of ammunition, but mainly because all the buildings that were occupied by the British had been set on fire, they had to surrender in the…

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Jacob Groenewoud: the only Dutch soldier who died during the Battle of Arnhem

in Arnhem/Main characters
Jacob Groenewoud during the Second World War in London.

One Dutch soldier was involved during the Battle of Arnhem. Captain Jacob “Jaap” Groenewoud was added as a liaison officer to the headquarters of the 1st Parachute Brigade. Jacob Groenewoud was killed on Tuesday September 19 near the park near the Rhine bridge that now bears his name: the Jacob Groenewoudplantsoen. Groenewoud was an a-typical…

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The statement “a bridge too far” was made before the Battle of Arnhem

in General information/What you didn't know about the Battle of Arnhem
Three German soldiers proudly pose with a captured Jeep and two British prisoners of war at Musis Sacrum, in the center of Arnhem. (Photo: Bundesarchiv.)

Whoever says “Battle of Arnhem” says “a bridge too far”. The phrase is the title of the book that Cornelis Ryan wrote in 1974 about Operation Market Garden, and it is also the title of the film made by Richard Attenborough in 1977 in response to the book. Browning Many people think that the expression…

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The aim of the British was not the bridge, but the whole city of Arnhem

in Arnhem/Before the battle/General information/What you didn't know about the Battle of Arnhem

The Battle of Arnhem was part of the large allied operation Market Garden. Bridges in the Netherlands had to be secured via airborne landings. Allied ground troops would then drive via a corridor from Eindhoven to Arnhem. After that, the Allies could easily enter Germany from Arnhem, without having to fight the feared German Siegfried…

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