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PHOTOS: Germans take hundreds of British prisoners of war

in Arnhem/Photos

Tuesday, September 19, was a dramatic day for the British. At the Gemeentemuseum and via Amsterdamseweg near Oosterbeek, the paratroopers had tried to reach Arnhem, but they were beaten back in both places. The Germans made hundreds of prisoners of war that day. At that time the Germans had several Kriegsberichter walking around in Arnhem,…

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PHOTOS: A photo shoot of some British POW

in After the battle/Arnhem/Photos

The photo above this article is world famous. The photo can be found in many books about the Battle of Arnhem and has, for example, been used as a cover photo of the Dutch book “Another view on the Battle of Arnhem” by Peter Berends. At the corner of Steenstraat near Musis Sacrum, the German…

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Graeme Warrack: the story of an escape

in Main characters/Oosterbeek

One of the last British officers to escape from captivity after the Battle of Arnhem is Scottish Colonel Graeme Warrack. Warrack headed the medical department of the British paratroopers in Oosterbeek. In February 1945 he managed to reach the Allied lines via the Biesbosch in the west of the Netherlansds with the help of Dutch…

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