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German blunders during the Battle of Arnhem

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Soldiers of the 10th SS Armored Division cross the Pannerdens Canal in motor boats with (stolen) bicycles to defend the Waal Bridge near Nijmegen. (Photo: Federal Archives.)

When it comes to the mistakes made during the Battle of Arnhem, it is often only about the British blunders. And rightly so, because there are quite a few. What receives much less attention is that a few major mistakes were also made on the German side during the course of the fighting. Waal Bridge…

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This is the Allied offensive that the Germans expected in September 1944

in Preparations
This is the attack that the German army leadership expected in September 1944: break through to the east at Roermond and establish a bridgehead over the Rhine near Düsseldorf. (Photo: Gelders Archives, Boeree collection.)

While plans for Market Garden were being drawn up in England, the German army leadership had its own thoughts about how the Allies would like to advance in early September. Field Marshal Walter Model, the German commander-in-chief in the area, was firmly convinced that the Allies would attempt to break through the Siegfried Line east…

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After the landings: the Germans react very quickly

in September 17
Scherl Bilderdienst Westen, September 1944, Anglo-amerikanischer Umfassungsplan bei Arnheim gescheitert. Grenadiere des Heeres, Männer der Polizei, Fallschirmjäger und SS-Panzergrenadiere vernichten gemeinsam die 1. britische Luftlande-Division, die durch die Niederlande in das Reichsgebiet einzubrechen versuchte. SS-PK Pospesch

Even before the airborne landings at Wolfheze on the first day of Operation Market Garden had properly started, the Germans were already taking countermeasures. Surprise is an important weapon of airborne troops. But at Arnhem there was no surprise at all. Operation Market Garden started in Arnhem and the surrounding area in the morning. Dozens…

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Operation Berlin: Urquhart decides to withdraw the Airborne Division on September 25

in Oosterbeek/September 25
The heavily damaged Hartenstein hotel after the Battle of Arnhem.

Early in the morning of Monday, September 25, a liaison officer arrived at General Urquhart’s headquarters who had crossed the Rhine during the night to the British perimeter in Oosterbeek. Urquhart received a letter from General Thomas, the commander of the 43rd Division, which was located on the south side of the Rhine. In the…

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Field marshal Walter Model flees head over heels from Oosterbeek

in General information/Oosterbeek
German Field Marshal Walter Model in August 1944. (Photo: Bundesarchiv.)

It was a complete coincidence, but one of the highest German military commanders on the Western Front had its headquarters just a few miles from the British landing zones. German Field Marshal Walter Model led Army Group B, and was responsible for all German troops between the North Sea and Northern France. A few days…

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Myth: “The Germans had dozens of tanks in Arnhem”

in Myths
Broken German column near Falaise.

There are still many myths circulating about the Battle of Arnhem. One of those myths is that on the first day Operation Market Garden, the Germans had dozens of tanks near Arnhem. The lightly armed British troops were no match for that. On Sunday September 17 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden, two…

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