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Before the paratroopers arrived, the bombs fell first

in Arnhem/Nijmegen/September 17
The Willemskazerne in the city center of Arnhem was completely destroyed during the bombings of September 17. (Photo: Gelders Archives.)

The air raid siren in Arnhem had already gone off several times in the morning of Sunday, September 17, but each time it had been a false alarm. But from a quarter to eleven it was a hit. Dozens of military targets in Arnhem and the surrounding area were hit by Allied bombers until approximately…

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The Germans blow up the railway bridge at Oosterbeek in front of the British

in Oosterbeek/September 17
Illustration of the railway bridge at Oosterbeek by MC Escher (Yeah, that MC Escher.)

It was a mighty metal construction from 1897: the railway bridge over the Rhine at Oosterbeek. Capturing this bridge was one of the objectives given to the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Parachute Brigade under the leadership of Colonel John Frost during the airborne landings. They had almost succeeded and it had drastically changed the…

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September 17: British 3d battalion gets stuck at Hartenstein in Oosterbeek

in Oosterbeek/September 17
Mrs. De Meulenaar offers British paratroopers a cup of tea on the first day of the landings. (Photo: Imperial War Museum.)

On the first day of Market Garden, three British paratrooper battalions advanced from the landing areas at Wolfheze to Arnhem. The third battalion under Colonel John Fitch had been ordered to take the road to Arnhem via the Utrechtseweg. The majority of the battalion did not get further than the Hartenstein hotel in Oosterbeek on…

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“Alarm! Paratroopers!” The 9th and 10th SS Armored Divisions immediately spring into action

in Oosterbeek/September 17
An armored car of the SDKFZ 250/3 type is deployed against British paratroopers near Oosterbeek. (Photo: Federal Archives.)

Even before all British troops had landed west of Wolfheze on Sunday, September 17, the troops of the German 9th and 10 SS Armored Divisions had already been alerted. To immediately clear up a major misunderstanding: the two armored divisions stationed near Arnhem had almost no tanks and mechanical artillery. Combined, the two divisions only…

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After the landings: the Germans react very quickly

in September 17
Scherl Bilderdienst Westen, September 1944, Anglo-amerikanischer Umfassungsplan bei Arnheim gescheitert. Grenadiere des Heeres, Männer der Polizei, Fallschirmjäger und SS-Panzergrenadiere vernichten gemeinsam die 1. britische Luftlande-Division, die durch die Niederlande in das Reichsgebiet einzubrechen versuchte. SS-PK Pospesch

Even before the airborne landings at Wolfheze on the first day of Operation Market Garden had properly started, the Germans were already taking countermeasures. Surprise is an important weapon of airborne troops. But at Arnhem there was no surprise at all. Operation Market Garden started in Arnhem and the surrounding area in the morning. Dozens…

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The death of Generalmajor Friedrich Kussin

in General information/Oosterbeek

One general was killed during the fighting in Arnhem and the surrounding area. This was the German Generalmajor Friedrich Kussin. General Kussin was the Stadtkommandant of Arnhem. In that role he was responsible for the regular German troops in Arnhem. Kussin drove shortly after the British paratroopers landed on Utrechtseweg near Wolfheze on Sunday September…

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