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German blunders during the Battle of Arnhem

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Soldiers of the 10th SS Armored Division cross the Pannerdens Canal in motor boats with (stolen) bicycles to defend the Waal Bridge near Nijmegen. (Photo: Federal Archives.)

When it comes to the mistakes made during the Battle of Arnhem, it is often only about the British blunders. And rightly so, because there are quite a few. What receives much less attention is that a few major mistakes were also made on the German side during the course of the fighting. Waal Bridge…

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No German soldiers at the Rhine bridge: forgotten in the confusion after the airborne landings

in Arnhem/September 17

Around 8 p.m. on Sunday, September 17, 1944, the first British soldiers reached the Rhine Bridge near Arnhem. To their surprise, the British discovered that the bridge was not defended by German soldiers. In the confusion after the airborne landings, the German army leadership had forgotten to send soldiers to the Rhine Bridge. After several…

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British at the bridge destroy Viktor Gräbner’s SS Armored Column

in Arnhem/September 18
An RAF reconnaissance plane took a photo of the destruction of the SS Armored Column by the British. (Photo: Imperial War Museum.)

A Dutch garbage collector who unsuspectingly made his rounds near the Rhine bridge on the early morning of Monday, September 18, 1944, was probably the first victim of the fighting that would take place that day. His garbage truck was fired upon by British paratroopers as soon as he entered their sector. The British were…

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