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General Boy Browning: the wrong man in the wrong place

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British General Boy Browning (left) consults with US General Jim Gavin in Overasselt during Operation Market Garden.

British General Frederick “Boy” Browning was a man who undeniably had many qualities. Before and during Operation Market Garden, however, it was mainly his faults that affected the outcome of the fighting. Historians are almost unanimous in their conclusion that Browning’s decisions contributed greatly to Market Garden’s failure. Browning was a professional soldier who went…

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The origin of the Pegasus logo of the 1st Airborne Division

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The British 1st Airborne Division that was dropped during Operation Market Garden in Arnhem and surroundings, had the winged horse Pegasus as its logo. The soldiers of the 1st British Airborne Division were identified by the logo of the light blue Pegasus on a chestnut-red ‘maroon’ background on their uniform. In addition, the soldiers of…

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The statement “a bridge too far” was made before the Battle of Arnhem

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Three German soldiers proudly pose with a captured Jeep and two British prisoners of war at Musis Sacrum, in the center of Arnhem. (Photo: Bundesarchiv.)

Whoever says “Battle of Arnhem” says “a bridge too far”. The phrase is the title of the book that Cornelis Ryan wrote in 1974 about Operation Market Garden, and it is also the title of the film made by Richard Attenborough in 1977 in response to the book. Browning Many people think that the expression…

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