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Wilhelm Bittrich: the “chivalrous” SS General

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During the Battle of Arnhem, General Wilhelm Bittrich consults with Field Marshal Walter Model (left), colonel Harzer (9th SS Armored Division) and General Harmel (10th SS Armored Division.) (Photo: Budesarchiv.)

SS General Wilhelm Bittrich, Willi for friends, was the general who led the 9th and 10th SS Armored Division who were stationed in the Arnhem region when Operation Market Garden started. In his role of commander of the 2nd SS Armored Corps, which included the 9th and 10th Armored Divisions, Bittrich was the first German…

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Myth: “The Germans had dozens of tanks in Arnhem”

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Broken German column near Falaise.

There are still many myths circulating about the Battle of Arnhem. One of those myths is that on the first day Operation Market Garden, the Germans had dozens of tanks near Arnhem. The lightly armed British troops were no match for that. On Sunday September 17 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden, two…

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