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september 26

A French sailor among British prisoners of war

in september 26
British prisoners of war are guarded by an SS soldier. (Photo: Federal Archives.)

After the fighting in Oosterbeek had subsided and the remnants of the British airborne division had withdrawn across the Rhine, the Germans made a special discovery. Among the British soldiers who remained in Oosterbeek was also a French sailor. The French sailor was found on Tuesday morning, September 26, at the Oude Kerk on the…

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The day after the battle: exhausted airbornes recover in Nijmegen

in Nijmegen/september 26
British airborne soldiers in Nijmegen, the day after the evacuation.

More than 2,000 British soldiers were ferried across the Rhine in boats during the night of September 25 to 26. General Roy Urquhart reached Driel during the night. In Driel he went looking for General Boy Browning, his commander. But Browning was still at his headquarters in Nijmegen. The fact that he had not come…

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The day after the battle: the Germans take the British perimeter in Oosterbeek

in Oosterbeek/september 26
Captured British airborne troops are taken away from Oosterbeek by the Germans.

Early in the morning of Tuesday, September 26, General Bittrich, who led the attacks in Oosterbeek, received a telephone call from Field Marshal Walter Model.“Bittrich, when will everything here finally be over?” he wanted to know. The German general replied that the day before he had done everything he could to force a breakthrough in…

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The day after the battle: hundreds of British wounded are taken away

in Oosterbeek/september 26
Hotel de Tafelberg after the Battle of Arnhem, with a British mass grave in the front garden. Table Mountain served as an emergency hospital for the British during the fighting.

Now that the Battle of Arnhem had ended on Tuesday, September 26, there was finally an opportunity to evacuate all the wounded from Oosterbeek. Two days earlier, on Sunday, September 24, Colonel Warrack, who headed the British medical department in Oosterbeek, had already agreed to a ceasefire with the German staff physician Major Skalka. During…

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The day after the battle: residents of Oosterbeek have to leave

in Oosterbeek/september 26
Bullet holes in asign in Oosterbeek.

Now that the British had left Oosterbeek on Tuesday, September 26, the Germans immediately took measures. All residents of Oosterbeek were ordered to leave their homes that same day. Just like a day earlier in Arnhem, the evacuation order was given. The Germans assumed that the fighting was far from over. With no civilians walking…

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PHOTOS: Oosterbeek, after the Battle of Arnhem

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A car wreck on the Utrechtseweg. In the background hotel Schoonoord. Schoonoord was used by the British as a dressing station.

The German Kriegsberichter Erwin Seeger made a series of photos after the British retreated over the Rhine. The photos show in detail how great the chaos and destruction was in Oosterbeek. Seeger was a war photographer who was sent to Oosterbeek by the German army command after the end of the fighting to portray the…

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