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September 22

September 22: Mortar shells and snipers cause many casualties in the British perimeter in Oosterbeek

in Oosterbeek/September 22
British paratroopers searching for German snipers in a destroyed school in Oosterbeek.

The Germans had tried to overwhelm the British at Oosterbeek through four major attacks on the British perimeter in Oosterbeek on Thursday, September 21. From the German perspective, those attacks ended in failure. Attacks via the Utrechtseweg, the Benedendorpseweg and at the Dreyersoord hotel were repulsed by the British in fierce fighting. Only the attack…

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Urquhart’s cry for help to XXX Corps: “Our division no longer exists”

in Oosterbeek/Polish Brigade/September 22

On the morning of Friday, September 22, General Urquhart realized that his troops would not last much longer against the immense German pressure on the perimeter positions in Oosterbeek. In the plans for Operation Market Garden, the 1st British Airborne Division would be relieved after 48 hours in Arnhem by the ground troops advancing from…

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52 Polish soldiers manage to reach the British in Oosterbeek

in Oosterbeek/Polish Brigade/September 22
Polish paratroopers welcome the allied ground troops of the Houshold Cavalry in Driel.

The 950 Polish paratroopers who had landed at Driel were originally all going to be transferred via the Driel ferry to strengthen the British positions in Oosterbeek. But while the Poles were on their way to the Netherlands in their planes on Thursday, September 21, the Germans managed to capture the landing place on the…

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September 22: The ground troops advance to the south bank of the Rhine

in September 22
Two British Bren carriers and a DUKW amphibious vehicle of the 43rd Wessex Division on their way to the south bank of the Rhine.

On Wednesday evening, September 20, the Americans managed to capture the Waal Bridge near Nijmegen intact through a heroic attack . But on Friday morning, September 22, the Allied ground troops of XXX Corps were still stuck in Lent on the north side of Nijmegen. On Thursday, September 21, 47 tanks of the Irish Guards…

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