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PHOTOS: The evacuation of Arnhem in pictures

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Arnhem evacuees walk through the Jansstraat in the city center of Arnhem, on their way to an unknown destination. (Photo: P. J. de Booys / Gelders Archive.)

On Friday September 23, 1944, the German army command ordered that Arnhem be evacuated. The Germans assumed that the Allies would make a new attempt to conquer Arnhem. The 90,000 residents of the city were given until 8:00 PM Monday to leave the city. The population was informed of the evacuation order via stencils that…

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PHOTOS: September 21, 1944: the evacuation of Arnhem South

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On Saturday, September 23, the order was given to evacuate Arnhem, but Arnhem Zuid was evacuated on Thursday, September 21, by order of the Germans. Residents of Malburgen enter the city via the ramp of the Rhine Bridge. The British paratroopers of John Frost fought here less than a day before.

Arnhem was evacuated after the Battle of Arnhem. But the inhabitants of Arnhem South already had to evacuate while there was still heavy fighting in and around the city. By order of the German occupier, Arnhem South had to evacuate earlier. On Thursday, September 21, all residents of Arnhem south of the Rhine were told…

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