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VIDEO: This is what the area around the Rhine Bridge looked like in 1944

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The bridge at Arnhem was the main objective of Operation Market Garden. The immediate vicinity of the Rhine Bridge was destroyed during and after the Battle of Arnhem. Except for some old photos, nothing is left of the original buildings. For the first time you can now see where the British fought during the Battle…

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Airborne landings were always unsuccessful

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British paratroopers land at Renkum, 10 miles west of Arnhem, on September 17, 1944.

When you look at the history of airborne landings during World War II, the main conclusion is that air landings were unsuccessful even in the years before the Battle of Arnhem. In September 1944, 12,000 British and Polish paratroopers landed west of Arnhem to secure bridges across the Rhine. At the same time, American paratroopers…

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John Frost was a British war hero before the Battle of Arnhem

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John Frost (right) talks with Lt. Col. Johnny Goschen on board the HMS Prince Albert during the retreat of the Bruneval Raid. (Photo: Imperial War Museum.)

John Frost’s name is forever associated with the Battle of Arnhem and the heroic battle that Colonel Frost’s men fought at the Rhine Bridge. For three days, the British paratroopers led by Frost fought a bitter fight against a large force of German SS-soldiers. Only when they ran out of ammunition on the evening of…

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The aim of the British was not the bridge, but the whole city of Arnhem

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The Battle of Arnhem was part of the large allied operation Market Garden. Bridges in the Netherlands had to be secured via airborne landings. Allied ground troops would then drive via a corridor from Eindhoven to Arnhem. After that, the Allies could easily enter Germany from Arnhem, without having to fight the feared German Siegfried…

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