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The aim of the British was not the bridge, but the whole city of Arnhem

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The Battle of Arnhem was part of the large allied operation Market Garden. Bridges in the Netherlands had to be secured via airborne landings. Allied ground troops would then drive via a corridor from Eindhoven to Arnhem. After that, the Allies could easily enter Germany from Arnhem, without having to fight the feared German Siegfried…

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Victoria Cross: John Grayburn

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Lieutenant John Hollington Grayburn.

Lieutenant John Grayburn was one of five British soldiers to earn a Victoria Cross during the Battle of Arnhem – the highest British military award. Lieutenant Grayburn was one of the 700 British airbornes to defend the northern ramp of the Rhine Bridge through Wednesday 20 September. On Wednesday, September 20, Grayburn was killed under…

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