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PHOTOS: A photo shoot of some British POW

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The photo above this article is world famous. The photo can be found in many books about the Battle of Arnhem and has, for example, been used as a cover photo of the Dutch book “Another view on the Battle of Arnhem” by Peter Berends. At the corner of Steenstraat near Musis Sacrum, the German…

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PHOTOS: This is what the Rhine Bridge area looked like after the fighting

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For more than 80 hours, approximately 750 British paratroopers, led by Colonel John Frost, had defended their positions on the north side of the Rhine Bridge. Forced by a shortage of ammunition, but mainly because all the buildings that were occupied by the British had been set on fire, they had to surrender in the…

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PHOTOS: September 21, 1944: the evacuation of Arnhem South

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On Saturday, September 23, the order was given to evacuate Arnhem, but Arnhem Zuid was evacuated on Thursday, September 21, by order of the Germans. Residents of Malburgen enter the city via the ramp of the Rhine Bridge. The British paratroopers of John Frost fought here less than a day before.

Arnhem was evacuated after the Battle of Arnhem. But the inhabitants of Arnhem South already had to evacuate while there was still heavy fighting in and around the city. By order of the German occupier, Arnhem South had to evacuate earlier. On Thursday, September 21, all residents of Arnhem south of the Rhine were told…

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Jacob Groenewoud: the only Dutch soldier who died during the Battle of Arnhem

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Jacob Groenewoud during the Second World War in London.

One Dutch soldier was involved during the Battle of Arnhem. Captain Jacob “Jaap” Groenewoud was added as a liaison officer to the headquarters of the 1st Parachute Brigade. Jacob Groenewoud was killed on Tuesday September 19 near the park near the Rhine bridge that now bears his name: the Jacob Groenewoudplantsoen. Groenewoud was an a-typical…

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Myth: Deelen Air Base played no role in the plans for Market Garden

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The badly damaged "Fliegerhorst Deelen" after the Allied bombing in 1944. (Photo: Gelders Archive.)

There are still many myths circulating about the Battle of Arnhem for so many decades afterwards. One of those myths is that the plans for Operation Market Garden had no role whatsoever for the German airbase Deelen, just north of Arnhem. Fliegerhorst Deelen was built by the Germans in 1940 as part of Germany’s air…

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Myth: Arnhem was destroyed during operation Market Garden

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War devastation in Steenstraat in 1945.

There are still many myths circulating about the Battle of Arnhem for so many decades afterwards. One of those myths is that Arnhem suffered the greatest war damage during the fighting between the English and Germans in September 1944. The myth that the fights during the Battle of Arnhem were responsible for the destruction arose…

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Not the Hartenstein hotel, but Musis Sacrum was intended to be the British headquarters

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During the Second World War, Musis Sacrum, located in the city center, was in use as a 'Wehrmachtheim' for the Germans stationed in Arnhem.

According to the. original plans for Operation Market Garden, the 1st British Airborne Division was to occupy all of Arnhem before being relieved by the Allied ground forces. The Airborne Division’s headquarters would be located in concert hall Musis Sacrum. Musis was chosen because it was close to the Rhine Bridge and because it was…

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Airborne landings were always unsuccessful

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British paratroopers land at Renkum, 10 miles west of Arnhem, on September 17, 1944.

When you look at the history of airborne landings during World War II, the main conclusion is that air landings were unsuccessful even in the years before the Battle of Arnhem. In September 1944, 12,000 British and Polish paratroopers landed west of Arnhem to secure bridges across the Rhine. At the same time, American paratroopers…

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The Airborne monument in Arnhem is actually a temporary monument

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The airborne monument at the unveiling in 1945. In the background a destroyed city center with the Walburgiskerk (right) and the remains of the Eusebius church (left).

Few people know it, but the Airborne monument near the Rhine Bridge in Arnhem is actually a temporary monument. The final monument was to be placed on the main square in the city center. This monument was designed and realized, but it was never used as the ‘official’ Airborne Monument. What happened: After the liberation…

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William of Orange played a heroic role during the battle

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To immediately clear up any misunderstanding. This story is about a pigeon. But the story of “William of Orange” is special and however far-fetched the facts may sound in this article: the story is completely true. Radios An important factor in the failure of the Battle of Arnhem stems from the fact that the British…

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