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Myth: “The Germans had dozens of tanks in Arnhem”

There are still many myths circulating about the Battle of Arnhem. One of those myths is that on the first day Operation Market Garden, the Germans had dozens of tanks near Arnhem. The lightly armed British troops were no match for that. On Sunday September 17 1944, the first day of Operation Market Garden, two… Keep Reading

Sources and literature

When writing and compiling this website, a large number of online and offline sources are used. All sources are listed in alphabetical order below. Digital sources will, as far as possible, link to the original. With regard to the aforementioned books, many books are no longer in print. However, second-hand copies of many books can… Keep Reading

Not the Hartenstein hotel, but Musis Sacrum was intended to be the British headquarters

According to the. original plans for Operation Market Garden, the 1st British Airborne Division was to occupy all of Arnhem before being relieved by the Allied ground forces. The Airborne Division’s headquarters would be located in concert hall Musis Sacrum. Musis was chosen because it was close to the Rhine Bridge and because it was… Keep Reading

The aim of the British was not the bridge, but the whole city of Arnhem

The Battle of Arnhem was part of the large allied operation Market Garden. Bridges in the Netherlands had to be secured via airborne landings. Allied ground troops would then drive via a corridor from Eindhoven to Arnhem. After that, the Allies could easily enter Germany from Arnhem, without having to fight the feared German Siegfried… Keep Reading

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