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PHOTOS: the battle at the bridge through German eyes

German corporal Karl-Heinz Kracht was a bomb loader in a Mark III tank that was deployed against John Frost’s paratroopers at the Rhine Bridge. Few pictures have been taken of the battle around the bridge. Besides British aerial photos, we actually only have the photos that Karl-Heinz Kracht took as a hobby photographer during the… Keep Reading

PHOTOS: Germans expel the British from Utrechtseweg

On the morning of Tuesday, September 19, 1944, two German Propaganda Kompanie Kriegsberichter arrive in Arnhem: Wenzel and Jacobsen. The war correspondents with their 35 mm cameras took many photos that day of the events in Arnhem. This page shows an image report of the photos Wenzel and Jacobsen took on Utrechtseweg, where they traveled… Keep Reading

PHOTOS: Germans take hundreds of British prisoners of war

Tuesday, September 19, was a dramatic day for the British. At the Gemeentemuseum and via Amsterdamseweg near Oosterbeek, the paratroopers had tried to reach Arnhem, but they were beaten back in both places. The Germans made hundreds of prisoners of war that day. At that time the Germans had several Kriegsberichter walking around in Arnhem,… Keep Reading

PHOTOS: the battle in Oosterbeek on Monday September 25

Because the battle against the British Airborne Division resulted in a victory for the German army, the Germans had sent many Kriegsberichter to Oosterbeek to portray the Battle of Arnhem. The photos they took were to convince the inhabitants of the German Reich that Germany was far from defeated. Of all the German photographers who… Keep Reading

PHOTOS: Oosterbeek, after the Battle of Arnhem

The German Kriegsberichter Erwin Seeger made a series of photos after the British retreated over the Rhine. The photos show in detail how great the chaos and destruction was in Oosterbeek. Seeger was a war photographer who was sent to Oosterbeek by the German army command after the end of the fighting to portray the… Keep Reading

PHOTOS: The evacuation of Arnhem in pictures

On Friday September 23, 1944, the German army command ordered that Arnhem be evacuated. The Germans assumed that the Allies would make a new attempt to conquer Arnhem. The 90,000 residents of the city were given until 8:00 PM Monday to leave the city. The population was informed of the evacuation order via stencils that… Keep Reading

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